Some say Real Estate. Others say Stocks. Here is the data. With that said, from my experience, I've seen more real estate based financially independent people than stock based. People tend to do better with real estate due to having more control of it, in my humble opinion. 

Now, you MUST become educated no matter what you do. In either situation if you hand your money over to some "ADVISOR" to take care of your hard money, you are asking for trouble (Unless it is certain RIA, look it up.  Nevertheless, the road there is slow and steady and secure. Not quicker, secure and fun.) . That's how disappointment and a retirement deffered is created.  You must actively consistently never-endingly (is that a word or phrase) educate yourself for success  in order to see any substantial, life changing gains in net financial worth. PERIOD. 

TV commercials lie. Most brokers lie. If brokers knew how to be wealthy from investments, they would not tell you. They get paid on sales. BOTTOMLINE. They sell the offering of the day. They do not care if it makes you money. Check out the move "Margin Call". It really goes into depth on what happened at Lehman Brothers. I know it's about Lehman Brothers because of friend of mine was at Lehman Brothers at the time that was going down. 
The truth is, you can live the life of your dreams if you are willing to put in the time. When I say time, I mean time educating yourself. I'm talking about non-stop reading, audio-books, seminars, networking events, taking up in total 3 - 7 hours a day, for months to years nonstop. 

How bad do you really want it.

I work an 8 hour day ( twice a week 10) with one of the longest commutes in the country (1.5hr - 2hr one way), and I do. What about you?

Divorce your excuses, marry the TRUTH. The truth is, you can create whatever you want, but EDUCATION is the KEY.
Hey guys, here is a podcast that I was listening to today that I found very clarifying and inspiring with actionable details you can use now to get your real estate wholesale business going. It's from a regular guy who wholesales part time but still does about 5 properties a year. Much of what he talks about in my opinion is relevant to any market.

Based on what I've learned so far the best way to do your marketing is going to be Direct Mail. That is the route that most of the wholesales who I know use to get there deals. They target other strategies too like bandit signs and networking with other real estate professionals like Mortgage Brokers or Real Estate Agents, but DM works with the most consistency.

The biggest challenge is the cost. I've had one investor have to target 2000 absentee landlord homes with 6 letters each over a 3 month time period for 1 deal. That campaign would run you about $4000 - $5000. It was OK for him because he flipped it and made 60K on the deal. I've heard of as low as spending a good $1500 to get 1 solid wholesalable (if that's a word) deal if you use some kick ass copy like Robyn Thompson's Horsey Letter.

I guess my point is, you will more than likely need to spend some upfront capital to get started. But once you are started, spending $1500-$4000 on marketing doesn't mean as much when you get $15K - $30K profits.

I suggest if you are "sardines for dinner broke" pair up with a few other hungry wholesalers like yourself. Pool the money, maybe 2 or 3 of you to get that $1000 - $3000 marketing seed money and once you have the deal, split the profits and everyone after the first deal should have enough to do their marketing on their own.

Anyway, here's the Podcast.
Let me know what you think.

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Bigger Pockets Podcast 91