We live in America. Greatest country on Earth. 90% of the world lives on $2.50 a day. Our worst nightmare situation is their wildest dream. Life is too short to suffer. Especially when you have choice. If true freedom and happiness were easy, most would have it. Most don't. Especially in this country which has more opportunity than any other.

Most of us who are feeling stuck aren't being held back by anything but the shackles of our own fears. 

Being comfortable for so long makes you weak, and fortune favors the brave. There's no way around it. Everyday that goes by that you choose to willingly be unfulfilled is a day you will never get back and time is something running out for us all. You Blink and 5 years go by.

If you're fortunate enough to be in America and you don't take advantage of staking your claim in this world, it's a smack in the face of the literally billions of others who would die, and have died to try to make it here and build a legacy for future generations.

No more waiting.

There is no perfect time.

There is no perfect situation.

I'd rather face my deepest fear than be sentenced to disappointment, frustration and mediocrity until I'm in the grave and cursed to think about who "I could've been if only".

Take the risk

If within the last 15 years an immigrant goat herder from Turkey could come to this country in his early 20's with no formal education, no friends, no family, no money, no business skills, no computer knowledge and unable to speak English... and then start a company and become a BILLIONAIRE by his 30's, you're gonna be OK. The former immigrant is Hamdi Ulukaya. The company he started is Chobani yogurt. 

Fear is the devil's tool to stop you from achieving God's Plan.
Warren Buffet made a bet in 2008 with Protege Partners. He bet One million dollars that in 10 years from that time an investment in the S&P Index would out perform the Protege Partners pick of the top five hedge funds they can find.

The results are in. A little short of 10 years later and the results aren't even close. The S&P Index gains of 65% while the hedge funds came in a little above 21%. (http://fortune.com/2016/05/11/warren-buffett-hedge-fund-bet/)

So with this being the case, why would anyone ever put money in a hedge fund?

Mutual Funds are no better. Here's what the data shows: 96% of actively managed mutual funds FAIL to beat the S&P over any sustained period of time. (Money: Master The Game) That means you have a 4% chance of picking the right fund. ONLY 4%!! To give contrast, if you played blackjack or as it's known 21, and had two cards that added up to 20, and told the dealer to hit you instead holding, you have an 8% chance of getting an ace. 8%!!!

Your best bet... Do what Warren Buffet did in the bet and what he advises his wife to do when he passes away. Put your money in a low fee S&P Index Fund and avoid Fund managers and mutual funds all together.

NOTE: This advice is for those who are not willing to become financially educated enough to invest in assets they control. That's ALWAYS the best route. Yes, it takes more time, energy and risk, but the rewards far outweigh anything available any of the above models. Invest in assets you control and creating cash flow is a cornerstone principal of capitalism.
Air BNB founder Joe Gebbia was interviewed saying he had many failures before success with Air BNB. He wasn't the first with the idea. He didn't have a bunch of money.

  Once he had the bright idea for the company, success did not pour in. He had to relaunch the company, not once, not twice... but 6 times before anyone really paid attention.

In 2008 while they were on TV being interviewed by CNN for helping 800 people find a place to stay for the DNC, they were still trying to find a way to make ends meet.

Joe says, "For the first three or four years it was the most dismal painful years of my life."

Now it's worth $30 Billion dollars in a little over 9 years. For perspective, Marriott is only around $20 Billion and it's over 100 years old.

How many times have you relaunched your business before thinking it would never work?