Our levels of awareness in life dictate a large part of our success in an area. The more aware you are about a topic, an area, a field, the more success you are likely to have in it. No matter whether it's money, relationships or health.

There are 3 levels:

level 1 - What we know, that we know = This is obvious. We know it and are comfortable/confident with it.

level 2 - What we know, we don't know = Something you may have heard of or thought about but have no familiarity whatsoever.

level 3 - What we don't know, we don't know = This is the scariest area that will destroy your progress and chance of success every time. What is found in this area we are never prepared for, we have no plan for, we can't see the opportunity in. It's where are toughest lessons are learned.

You will more rapidly achieve success the faster you move concepts and items in your life from level 3 to level 1. Level 3 is near infinite, and the deeper you dig the more you find. But that's how Mastery is achieved.

Upon discovering each level there are phases of mastery that one must go through to be a Master.

Phases of Mastery

Phase 1 - Unconscious Incompetence - You don't even know you stink at something.

Phase 2 - Conscious Incompetence - You discover you stink at something. Most people quit here.

Phase 3 - Conscious Competence - You can get the job done but you have to focus on it.

Phase 4 - Unconscious Competence - You can do it in your sleep.

The more items in your life you move from level 3 to level 1, and then from phase 1 to phase 4, the closer you get to becoming a Master at whatever you choose. 

Awareness of the details is what creates the big picture.

Right now, I'm sorry if my belief system offends you.  I'm sorry if my ambition offends you. I'm sorry if my mindset offends you. I'm sorry if my daily disciplines offend you. I'm sorry if not wanting to waste time offends you. I'm sorry if my commitment to succeed no matter what offends you. I'm sorry the fact that I do not tolerate or want to be around excuses offends you.

Later, I'm sorry if my freedom offends you. I'm sorry if my amazing experiences offend you. I'm sorry if my limitless success offends you. I'm sorry if the fact that my life keeps getting better and better offends you. I'm sorry if my not having a reason to complain about anything or anyone around me offends. I'm sorry if the fact that all I do in my life now is what I want and I'm passionate about offends you. I'm sorry if living something that is better than my wildest dream could have conjured offends you.