OPM x 2



"We all learn from mistakes, but it's a heck of a lot easier to learn from other peoples mistakes." - Warren Buffett

If you master the skill of using:

OPM - Other peoples mistakes
OPM - Other peoples money

You will become wealthy. 

To become a fighter jet pilot, you don't just make a decision to get into the cockpit and go fly the jet into battle. That's a plan for sure death. You fly in the simulator many hours before you go and do the real thing. That's how you prepare for success in your battle and avoid dying as much as possible.

Ironically, when it comes to life, most people just jump in the pilot seat and hope to fly out towards success in money or relationships and most crash and burn, and never get back in the plane again. You gotta go through the simulator as well in your wealth plane to give yourself the best odds of success. Otherwise, you're more than likely gonna hit a brick wall and be deterred from ever flying again. Simulators come in many forms for wealth including mentors, books, seminars, etc. Go out there and get some hours under your belt before going to war with the world.


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