People don't know what to do, until you tell them how to feel and what to do. You need to convey excitement and enthusiasm when you want people to agree with and invest in something, and disappointment when you don't want them to. If I show you a piece of art, and you don't have any specialized knowledge in that art, and I was enthusiastic about it, saying it's great, you might buy it, or at least view it favorably.

If I showed you the same piece of art and was disappointed and regretful about it, you might not buy it or at least think about not liking it. When people observe things they don't understand, they look for cues from others to determine how to feel, and what action to take. Note: Most people don't understand anything, especially when it comes to money.

Even if I had all your money in a mutual fund that lost money, 30% in 2 day period, and you called me and I said "Hey, we're just testing the market. It'll come back. We withstood a hit. We're about to get a rebound. You'll miss it if you pull out." Chances are, you'll stay in if you don't already have specialized knowledge.

Now if I said, "Man. That was rough. I'm not sure what is gonna happen. I don't know what to tell you. This market is crazy." You'd probably pull your money out. Truth is though, you'll never hear a commercial status quo entity say that. My point is this, you have to edify every step of the process to your people. They have to feel optimistic no matter what happens. If you are uncertain, they're outta here.




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