Convenience=Weakness=Dependency=(Complacency aka Slow Death)

Convenience breeds weakness, which leads to dependency, which creates complacency, which is inevitably SLOW DEATH.

That's jarring but I think true. There is one law of the universe that applies to all and we all instinctually know it. "If you are not growing, you are dying." Complacency from convenience is the opposite of growth.

You can probably apply that to any part of life. Finances, Health, Relationships.

Fast food is convenient but it's easy access makes many dependent on it and ultimately they rely on it instead of truly nutritious items, and this overall destroys their health. (Mortal Death)

Childhood relationships with uninspiring people are convenient, and after years you depend on them, and never trying to grow your inner circle, now your life suffers because you never get the benefit of more influential people influencing you to help you succeed and introduce you to new ideas and strategies. Worst more, when you try to introduce new ideas to the uninspired they shoot it down, which often causes you to abandon that path all together. (Social Death)

Your job or current way of doing business is convenient and you tend to depend on it and never grow to see what else you are capable of. You get used to your daily routine and convince yourself that this level of economic status is all you are capable of so you refuse financial education and over time, your stagnant assets deteriorate and you just think that's the way it is for people like you. (Financial Death)

Your current long held habits are convenient.
Your way of thinking is convenient. 
Your skepticism is convenient.

We need to practice proactive inconvenience in our lives before the universe comes and interrupts us when we are not expecting it in the worst kind of way.




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