"If you don't (consistently) train on how to become, what you want to become, you won't become it." - Jex

Others say, "You don't just become who you want to become, you train to be who you want to be."

Almost everyone WANTS to be great. WANTS to be remembered. WANTS to leave a legacy.

Very few are WILLING TO SACRIFICE to be great, remembered or leave a legacy. Sacrifice means trading what feels easy, comfortable and familiar to do, to mastering the science of success and art of fulfillment with every possible conscious and unconscious breathe.

I said it before, your raw talent, gift, what you say you love or what you say you are passionate about is a near pointless claim in my face until I see what consistent actions, sacrifice and intentional focused growth you are, not willing to make, but YOU ARE MAKING.

It's EASY to be passionate about one chamber of the success circle. People often fall in love with the tip of iceberg but don't realize they must embrace all that's beneath the water.

When you neglect the other 35 chambers, your 360 degrees spins out of control because you have a lot of energy, but it's unbalanced with no direction.

Choose the path of complete mastery. If you want to be any kind of profitable business or entrepreneur, master core skills of profits and finance or at least educate yourself enough to know how to find someone who already has it mastered. I don't need to know everything about accounting or tax law, but I need to know enough to know a bad accountant and lawyer, from one who is the right fit for my team.




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