Success is not a destination. It's a journey. The longer you travel the road of success, the more you have to risk, the more potential failure you have to face, the more rejection you must experience. Even Steve Jobs got rejected out of his own company!
If your stomach burns for success, you gotta step it up to a whole other level that makes you look unreasonably driven to those who don't desire finishing the race when you do. It's unreasonable to show 4 a day while working 50 hours a week. It's unreasonable to go into debt traveling to events and buying tools. It's unreasonable spend less time with the family doing something they half heartedly support.

You know what, it's also the unreasonable people that change the world. It's the unreasonable people that trail blaze while the rest path find. It's the unreasonable people that gave humanity all of its greatest gifts. Now go get you some!



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