I'm not the biggest fan of TV, but I do like "Scandal" and "How to get Away With Murder" Although it is fiction and unreasonable and unrealistic in many ways, there is one lesson that I believe can be universally gleaned. Whether you are Olivia Pope or Annalise Keating, no matter how good you think you are, you are virtually powerless without your team and your network.

Both women may get all the credit, but without their team, they would have very little success. Without the help of their network, they would not have climbed the later, solved the case, stopped the tragedy, saved the world. Even Rick Grimes from "Walking Dead" would have long been zombified if it were not for Michone, Glen, Carol and the rest of the gang. None of us, are stronger than all of us.

I know too many people that want to do it all alone and get no where fast, quit, then say it's impossible. 

Who's on your team?




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