Sugar coating may taste good on candy, but sugar coating your life, darkens your eternal flame. See, when you sugar coat the challenges of your life to yourself, you remove the pain of your circumstances, which decreases your drive to want to UPGRADE and INCREASE to your deserved nobility. It's the acknowledgement of the real and raw pain of your current circumstances that will jolt you to the breaking point of doing WHATEVER IT TAKES to UPGRADE and INCREASE NOW!

Your deepest pain and deepest wounds are your most powerful ally to bring about obtaining your ceptar and claiming your Throne. Stay close to them. They are your jet fuel to breakthrough the atmosphere and reach the stars.
Too many people use softening language to make the right now feel better. No. If the right now is a nightmare, call it a nightmare.

Is your life just ok, or is it freaking miserable. It's easy to call the Miserable just ok, when everyone around you is miserable too. You gotta get around where it's better to make the flame rise.

Keep your focus on your compelling future and what needs to be done to get there, and the pain of the "right now nightmare" turns into fuel to get you to that mountaintop.

"I went to sleep hungry last night."

"I work 60 hours a week and barely surviving."

"All I'm gonna leave my kids is debt if I don't do something about it."

"Everyone I've ever loved has abandoned me."

When you take your rawest, deepest, gut wrenching, emotional and spiritual pain and use it as fuel to get to your compelling future, that's called UNSTOPPABLE. No more sugar coating.



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