Winter - planning, researching. It can be depressing and frustrating. Learning as much as you can about success in that specific area of life. It can tend to be lonely and not much fun. Focus on your outcome.

Spring - planting, experimenting, making mistakes. Trial and error. Trying out different paths. Getting a general sense of which direction is for you. Can also be costly and frustrating, but necessary to find that thing for you. Most people quit here because they view trials as failure. Experimentation is necessary.

Summer - you've found that thing. You are building your team. Putting in the hours. Gaining even more specialized knowledge. This is where the hard work really happens.

Fall - you reap the rewards. You harvest what you've been planting. You're profitable. Business has sustainable growth. Effort is still required, but not nearly as much and your results are predictable.

Which season are you in?



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