Regardless of your background, your history, what others tell you and what you tell yourself, you gotta believe you deserve it. Believe you are worthy of it. Believe it is yours to be had. Believe anything less is a robbery of your destiny.

Then, go out there and bust your ass for it so bad that those on the sidelines think you're crazy. They're on the sidelines watching... watching the game. They cheer... they boo... But that never distracts those in the game. Most people never do what it takes to even step on the field. And when the sidelines clear, the only ones that anyone will remember, write about or care about, are those that had the guts to do what it takes to get in the game.

When the winner is crowned, it's not about who was born the biggest or born in the right family. It's the one who was the most determined and had more heart than everyone else. That's who gets crowned victorious. That's who receives, their THRONE.




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