Music is a pattern. The brain is addicted to patterns. Habits are patterns. That's why they are hard to break. They're like songs in your unconscious mind. You have habits that empower you and disempower you. You have habits that are destructive and habits that are productive. If you want a kick ass life, find your patterns that are disempowering and destructive and replace them with ones that are empowering and productive.
Our levels of awareness in life dictate a large part of our success in an area. The more aware you are about a topic, an area, a field, the more success you are likely to have in it. No matter whether it's money, relationships or health.

There are 3 levels:

level 1 - What we know, that we know = This is obvious. We know it and are comfortable/confident with it.

level 2 - What we know, we don't know = Something you may have heard of or thought about but have no familiarity whatsoever.

level 3 - What we don't know, we don't know = This is the scariest area that will destroy your progress and chance of success every time. What is found in this area we are never prepared for, we have no plan for, we can't see the opportunity in. It's where are toughest lessons are learned.

You will more rapidly achieve success the faster you move concepts and items in your life from level 3 to level 1. Level 3 is near infinite, and the deeper you dig the more you find. But that's how Mastery is achieved.

Upon discovering each level there are phases of mastery that one must go through to be a Master.

Phases of Mastery

Phase 1 - Unconscious Incompetence - You don't even know you stink at something.

Phase 2 - Conscious Incompetence - You discover you stink at something. Most people quit here.

Phase 3 - Conscious Competence - You can get the job done but you have to focus on it.

Phase 4 - Unconscious Competence - You can do it in your sleep.

The more items in your life you move from level 3 to level 1, and then from phase 1 to phase 4, the closer you get to becoming a Master at whatever you choose. 

Awareness of the details is what creates the big picture.

Right now, I'm sorry if my belief system offends you.  I'm sorry if my ambition offends you. I'm sorry if my mindset offends you. I'm sorry if my daily disciplines offend you. I'm sorry if not wanting to waste time offends you. I'm sorry if my commitment to succeed no matter what offends you. I'm sorry the fact that I do not tolerate or want to be around excuses offends you.

Later, I'm sorry if my freedom offends you. I'm sorry if my amazing experiences offend you. I'm sorry if my limitless success offends you. I'm sorry if the fact that my life keeps getting better and better offends you. I'm sorry if my not having a reason to complain about anything or anyone around me offends. I'm sorry if the fact that all I do in my life now is what I want and I'm passionate about offends you. I'm sorry if living something that is better than my wildest dream could have conjured offends you.

Winter - planning, researching. It can be depressing and frustrating. Learning as much as you can about success in that specific area of life. It can tend to be lonely and not much fun. Focus on your outcome.

Spring - planting, experimenting, making mistakes. Trial and error. Trying out different paths. Getting a general sense of which direction is for you. Can also be costly and frustrating, but necessary to find that thing for you. Most people quit here because they view trials as failure. Experimentation is necessary.

Summer - you've found that thing. You are building your team. Putting in the hours. Gaining even more specialized knowledge. This is where the hard work really happens.

Fall - you reap the rewards. You harvest what you've been planting. You're profitable. Business has sustainable growth. Effort is still required, but not nearly as much and your results are predictable.

Which season are you in?

I'm not the biggest fan of TV, but I do like "Scandal" and "How to get Away With Murder" Although it is fiction and unreasonable and unrealistic in many ways, there is one lesson that I believe can be universally gleaned. Whether you are Olivia Pope or Annalise Keating, no matter how good you think you are, you are virtually powerless without your team and your network.

Both women may get all the credit, but without their team, they would have very little success. Without the help of their network, they would not have climbed the later, solved the case, stopped the tragedy, saved the world. Even Rick Grimes from "Walking Dead" would have long been zombified if it were not for Michone, Glen, Carol and the rest of the gang. None of us, are stronger than all of us.

I know too many people that want to do it all alone and get no where fast, quit, then say it's impossible. 

Who's on your team?


Ikigai (生き甲斐]) is a Japanese concept meaning "a reason for being". Everyone, according to the Japanese, has an ikigai. Finding it requires a deep and often lengthy search of self.
Success is not a destination. It's a journey. The longer you travel the road of success, the more you have to risk, the more potential failure you have to face, the more rejection you must experience. Even Steve Jobs got rejected out of his own company!

Sugar coating may taste good on candy, but sugar coating your life, darkens your eternal flame. See, when you sugar coat the challenges of your life to yourself, you remove the pain of your circumstances, which decreases your drive to want to UPGRADE and INCREASE to your deserved nobility. It's the acknowledgement of the real and raw pain of your current circumstances that will jolt you to the breaking point of doing WHATEVER IT TAKES to UPGRADE and INCREASE NOW!

Your deepest pain and deepest wounds are your most powerful ally to bring about obtaining your ceptar and claiming your Throne. Stay close to them. They are your jet fuel to breakthrough the atmosphere and reach the stars.
Too many people use softening language to make the right now feel better. No. If the right now is a nightmare, call it a nightmare.

Is your life just ok, or is it freaking miserable. It's easy to call the Miserable just ok, when everyone around you is miserable too. You gotta get around where it's better to make the flame rise.

Keep your focus on your compelling future and what needs to be done to get there, and the pain of the "right now nightmare" turns into fuel to get you to that mountaintop.

"I went to sleep hungry last night."

"I work 60 hours a week and barely surviving."

"All I'm gonna leave my kids is debt if I don't do something about it."

"Everyone I've ever loved has abandoned me."

When you take your rawest, deepest, gut wrenching, emotional and spiritual pain and use it as fuel to get to your compelling future, that's called UNSTOPPABLE. No more sugar coating.

There's a big difference between being uncomfortable and making yourself uncomfortable. Being uncomfortable is what most people live with who are not happy about their current circumstances but don't do anything to change it and just accept it as their reality. Making yourself uncomfortable is done when you are sacrificing for a better tomorrow. When you sacrifice you prove to yourself and the universe how bad you really want it. No matter what you have now, there's always room for sacrifice. 

How bad do you want it?



OPM x 2



"We all learn from mistakes, but it's a heck of a lot easier to learn from other peoples mistakes." - Warren Buffett

If you master the skill of using:

OPM - Other peoples mistakes
OPM - Other peoples money

You will become wealthy. 

To become a fighter jet pilot, you don't just make a decision to get into the cockpit and go fly the jet into battle. That's a plan for sure death. You fly in the simulator many hours before you go and do the real thing. That's how you prepare for success in your battle and avoid dying as much as possible.

Ironically, when it comes to life, most people just jump in the pilot seat and hope to fly out towards success in money or relationships and most crash and burn, and never get back in the plane again. You gotta go through the simulator as well in your wealth plane to give yourself the best odds of success. Otherwise, you're more than likely gonna hit a brick wall and be deterred from ever flying again. Simulators come in many forms for wealth including mentors, books, seminars, etc. Go out there and get some hours under your belt before going to war with the world.