There's a big difference between being uncomfortable and making yourself uncomfortable. Being uncomfortable is what most people live with who are not happy about their current circumstances but don't do anything to change it and just accept it as their reality. Making yourself uncomfortable is done when you are sacrificing for a better tomorrow. When you sacrifice you prove to yourself and the universe how bad you really want it. No matter what you have now, there's always room for sacrifice. 

How bad do you want it?



OPM x 2



"We all learn from mistakes, but it's a heck of a lot easier to learn from other peoples mistakes." - Warren Buffett

If you master the skill of using:

OPM - Other peoples mistakes
OPM - Other peoples money

You will become wealthy. 

To become a fighter jet pilot, you don't just make a decision to get into the cockpit and go fly the jet into battle. That's a plan for sure death. You fly in the simulator many hours before you go and do the real thing. That's how you prepare for success in your battle and avoid dying as much as possible.

Ironically, when it comes to life, most people just jump in the pilot seat and hope to fly out towards success in money or relationships and most crash and burn, and never get back in the plane again. You gotta go through the simulator as well in your wealth plane to give yourself the best odds of success. Otherwise, you're more than likely gonna hit a brick wall and be deterred from ever flying again. Simulators come in many forms for wealth including mentors, books, seminars, etc. Go out there and get some hours under your belt before going to war with the world.
People don't know what to do, until you tell them how to feel and what to do. You need to convey excitement and enthusiasm when you want people to agree with and invest in something, and disappointment when you don't want them to. If I show you a piece of art, and you don't have any specialized knowledge in that art, and I was enthusiastic about it, saying it's great, you might buy it, or at least view it favorably.

If I showed you the same piece of art and was disappointed and regretful about it, you might not buy it or at least think about not liking it. When people observe things they don't understand, they look for cues from others to determine how to feel, and what action to take. Note: Most people don't understand anything, especially when it comes to money.

Even if I had all your money in a mutual fund that lost money, 30% in 2 day period, and you called me and I said "Hey, we're just testing the market. It'll come back. We withstood a hit. We're about to get a rebound. You'll miss it if you pull out." Chances are, you'll stay in if you don't already have specialized knowledge.

Now if I said, "Man. That was rough. I'm not sure what is gonna happen. I don't know what to tell you. This market is crazy." You'd probably pull your money out. Truth is though, you'll never hear a commercial status quo entity say that. My point is this, you have to edify every step of the process to your people. They have to feel optimistic no matter what happens. If you are uncertain, they're outta here.


Greatness never goes on sale. It costs what it costs. Macys, JC Penny and Toyota always has sales. Louis Vuitton, Tom Ford, Bugatti and Rolls Royce never have sales. Greatness costs what it costs. You always have to pay the cost to be great. Will you pay the price? 


If you think it's too good to be true, it is... for you. If it sounds too simple to try to you... you won't. If you think it will never work and it's a waste of time and not worth it, it is... for you. If you think life is supposed to be difficult and success takes too long and requires too much energy, it always will... for you.

If you think these are the worst times in America, they are. If you think these are the best times in America, they are.

The truth is, there is more wealth in America right now, Millionaires being made, fortunes being built than ever before. But that means nothing. All that matters is what you think.

Change your thinking. Change your perspective. Change your life.

Debentures are, at least in the US, considered to be issuances of unsecured debt by legal entities to typically secure short term capital for expansion, production or other debt repayment. They are typically not backed by stock or equity. That would typically be bond issuance.

In india, the word debentures are typically used to describe bonds as well. They just ten to make the distinction between secured and unsecured.

Debentures are tools to gather money, for your business based on faith, typically backed by nothing but faith (credit) and when used properly, can give you the edge you are looking for. Talk to a qualified professional (CPA with SEC and IPO experience and/or SEC attorney).

Convenience=Weakness=Dependency=(Complacency aka Slow Death)

Convenience breeds weakness, which leads to dependency, which creates complacency, which is inevitably SLOW DEATH.

That's jarring but I think true. There is one law of the universe that applies to all and we all instinctually know it. "If you are not growing, you are dying." Complacency from convenience is the opposite of growth.

You can probably apply that to any part of life. Finances, Health, Relationships.

Fast food is convenient but it's easy access makes many dependent on it and ultimately they rely on it instead of truly nutritious items, and this overall destroys their health. (Mortal Death)

Childhood relationships with uninspiring people are convenient, and after years you depend on them, and never trying to grow your inner circle, now your life suffers because you never get the benefit of more influential people influencing you to help you succeed and introduce you to new ideas and strategies. Worst more, when you try to introduce new ideas to the uninspired they shoot it down, which often causes you to abandon that path all together. (Social Death)

Your job or current way of doing business is convenient and you tend to depend on it and never grow to see what else you are capable of. You get used to your daily routine and convince yourself that this level of economic status is all you are capable of so you refuse financial education and over time, your stagnant assets deteriorate and you just think that's the way it is for people like you. (Financial Death)

Your current long held habits are convenient.
Your way of thinking is convenient. 
Your skepticism is convenient.

We need to practice proactive inconvenience in our lives before the universe comes and interrupts us when we are not expecting it in the worst kind of way.


"If you don't (consistently) train on how to become, what you want to become, you won't become it." - Jex

Others say, "You don't just become who you want to become, you train to be who you want to be."

Almost everyone WANTS to be great. WANTS to be remembered. WANTS to leave a legacy.

Very few are WILLING TO SACRIFICE to be great, remembered or leave a legacy. Sacrifice means trading what feels easy, comfortable and familiar to do, to mastering the science of success and art of fulfillment with every possible conscious and unconscious breathe.

I said it before, your raw talent, gift, what you say you love or what you say you are passionate about is a near pointless claim in my face until I see what consistent actions, sacrifice and intentional focused growth you are, not willing to make, but YOU ARE MAKING.

It's EASY to be passionate about one chamber of the success circle. People often fall in love with the tip of iceberg but don't realize they must embrace all that's beneath the water.

When you neglect the other 35 chambers, your 360 degrees spins out of control because you have a lot of energy, but it's unbalanced with no direction.

Choose the path of complete mastery. If you want to be any kind of profitable business or entrepreneur, master core skills of profits and finance or at least educate yourself enough to know how to find someone who already has it mastered. I don't need to know everything about accounting or tax law, but I need to know enough to know a bad accountant and lawyer, from one who is the right fit for my team.


Success is not supposed to be convenient. It's not supposed to be on your timetable. It's not supposed to work around your schedule. It doesn't care about your excuses. It doesn't feel sorry for you when you are tired. It just is. It demands of you all you got. It doesn't play favorites. Whoever gives all they have first, gets it first. Success is pure and honest. When you've earned it, you'll know it. It's no secret. It's no guess work. It's nothing left to interpretation. No amount of skepticism or naysaying can pierce it. Go get you some.